User Authentication: “The future is privacy” says Hummingbirds AI CEO, Nima Schei


Hummingbirds AI´s CEO´s latest leadership article on user authentication and endpoint security is part of the April issue of Cyber Defense Magazine.


In his latest article How To Verify Who Is Who in The Digital Space Without Compromising Privacy? Nima Schei sets the standards for real privacy-preserving cybersecurity applied to AI applications using video-based facial biometric technology.

In the cyber world, a simple action, such as shoulder surfing or visual hacking, is enough to obtain sensitive data and steal data that might open the door to identity theft, and data loss. Companies tend to forget the importance of holistic information security approaches that really take every action into account for securing endpoints and authenticating the identity of the user. However, in order to do so, companies must remember to consider one basic element: privacy.

Privacy is every customer´s and user’s demand, and repeatedly it seems to be forgotten or left aside by big companies and service providers. For us, it is a concept that is deployed in every Hummingbirds AI solution. As the cornerstone of Hummingbirds AI technology, privacy in the combination of robust and strong user authentication is the formula to achieve the brightest future for AI solutions.

Not only at an individual level but also incorporating environments, privacy must be applied, when it comes to endpoint security. So, again the privacy issue arises: how can enterprises constantly and reliably verify who the people behind the transaction and the device are and guarantee, along with the interaction, that they are who they say to be without compromising privacy?

The answer is through on-device, cloud-independent technology relying on video biometrics that is built on zero-trust architecture and leaves facial, and privacy information in the power of the user. To fully understand and go deep into the concept of privacy-first video biometric technology, read the article online or download it.

The Cyber Defense Magazine is an infosec magazine for the American and international market which offers deep insights on everything about cybersecurity, resulting in a source of knowledge for individual professionals, and industry members to be up to date with the latest developments and thoughts in cybersecurity.

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