Privacy-first Intelligent Applications for Security and Efficiency of Enterprises.

Hummingbirds AI is an award-winning innovation hub, creating cutting-edge computer vision solutions empowering enterprises in information security, biometrics and automation of business processes.

At Hummingbirds AI computer vision, big data and behavior analytics merge in a perfect system that allows us to optimize human-oriented operations in a tailor made way. Our privacy-first object detection, contextual tracking and performance analytics create a comprehensive pool of precious data that enhances enterprises and smart systems.

See Beyond Human Sight

Experience the freedom of managing either on-site or remote teams with frictionless zero-trust architecture identity authentication and behavioral analytics at a glance, without sacrificing privacy

Unleash Unique Performance
Connect people and teams in new ways. Help them catapult performance while providing the right non-invasive level of managerial oversight through responsible and trustable AI.

Technology Designed to Empower
Become ubiquitous and offer your company the right tools to escalate.Our tech platform is specifically designed to enhance your business profitability, productivity and security.

Visual Data and Insights to Drive More Business
Forget about information overload. Benefit from our visual data insights and interpretation providing specific business actions and outputs. We process video data on our own dedicated and secured servers that keep data and information safe.

Tailor Made to Meet Your Business Needs
Our technology is prepared to suit your needs and overcome your specific challenges while still appealing to a wide variety of verticals and complex business scenarios.

Meet our CEO Dr Nima Schei And our Executive Team

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Dr. Nima Schei - CEO

Executive Team

Nima Schei is the founder and CEO@ Hummingbirds AI. He is also a keynote speaker on ethical human-centered AI. His leadership thought articles have been published on cyber security magazines and platforms and his technology has been featured at the highest tech events. As an AI visionary, inventor and serial entrepreneur, his speciality is creating efficient, high-growth startups and scaling businesses, with eyes to global expansion. As an AI entrepreneur with a background in medicine, he is also co-creator of BELBIC, the first emotionally inspired AI-based controller. Being a digital nomad for a few years and living in three continents, he now lives with his wife and three rescued dogs in Miami Beach, Florida.

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