enterprise efficiency Optimization

using privacy-first Computer Vision

We’re Hummingbirds AI, converging the expanding universe of computer vision, big data, and behavior analytics at the edge, creating a comprehensive pool of precious data for enterprises and smart cities.

We were born in 2020 in Seattle as a Privacy-First AI company to develop the most advanced privacy-preserving solutions for real-time behavior analytics. Our cloud-independent end-to-end solution can work with legacy cameras. Our AI is applicable from fraud detection to workplace productivity to safety and security.

See Beyond.

Sight is mankind’s most important sense; it underlies much of human life and economic activity. Imagine the freedom of managing on-site or remote teams with simple, seamless and sophisticated behavioral analytics at a glance without analytics without sacrificing privacy.

Unearth Superhuman Performance
Connect people and teams in new ways, helping them catapult performance while providing the right level of managerial oversight without sacrificing privacy which, unlike many tech companies, we view as sacred.

Technology Designed to Empower Productivity.
A ubiquitous, scalable, enterprise-ready, closed-loop, tech platform specifically designed to enhance business profitability, productivity, and prevention; delivering real-time employee performance insights, at scale, without sacrificing worker privacy.

Better Visual Data and Insights to Drive More Business.
Better visual data insights and interpretation providing specific business actions and outputs. We process video data on our own dedicated and secured servers that keep data and information safe.

Tailor Made to Meet Your Business Needs
We are able to suit your specific challenges while still appealing to a wide variety of verticals and complex business challenges.


Our Technology:

New Intelligence for a New Age.

All Your Data Remains Where It Belongs — With You.
Every aspect of business is becoming more data-driven. There’s no reason the people’s side of business shouldn’t be the same. Unlike most, we put privacy first. Our proprietary cloud-independent, privacy-first system is designed to enable companies like yours to manage your business more efficiently while providing your team with more flexibility and opportunity.

Save Time by Seeing Faster.
We know technology can be overwhelming at times. It’s always difficult to sift through the plethora of evolving options, but like you, our focus is on enhancing business productivity, efficiency, profitable performance, efficiency and unrivaled security.

We know privacy is sacred which is why it’s part of our core values. We’re cloud-independent and focus on objects and actions rather than faces.

Dial-Up Productivity
80% of businesses say they will allow employees to work remotely at least part time. Why not provide your team with the flexibility they deserve while protecting your most precious assets?

Power Up Profitability
The future of work is flexible and our primary function is to unlock human potential in a safe, secure and unobtrusive way; ultimately increasing revenue and lowering costs.

Supercharge Performance Management
Your time matters. That’s why we’re enabling businesses, like yours, to contextualize and synthesize behavioral analytic information in one simple dashboard, in real-time.

Protect What Matters.
We know it’s hard enough to manage your business. Why worry about the potential for theft, data privacy and fraud.

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Real-time workplace monitoring and employee behavior analysis, without sacrificing their privacy, to identify and prevent fraud as soon as it happens.


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