We are Hummingbirds AI, the Home of Guacamole Insurance and DoBushi for Privacy-preserving Property Security.



Based in Seattle, WA, Hummingbirds.ai is a privately held early stage startup. We started working on this idea in 2019 and established the company in 2020. Our team is small and agile.

We have a culturally-diverse team of talent, working to bring you the best proactive insurance based on the most advanced intelligent security solutions on the Planet: DoBushi.


maximized security- minimized CRIME- BETTER INSURANCE

We Love Security and We Guarantee It

Our DoBushi app is an AI-enabled privacy-preserving computer vision application to detect suspicious behavior around your property. It can be used for residential and commercial properties. It's so effective in reducing crime for businesses and customers, that we can even guarantee the security of the space, so we decided to insure it. So a nextgen futuristic insurance company was born: The Guacamole Insurance!

why we started hummingbirds.ai

Like many GEN-X and millennials, we finally became property owners. Moving from an apartment to a house is a huge step: there’s no doorman, no security, and you often have a couple of neighbors, instead of dozens. The first week that my wife and I moved to our new house, we were scared and couldn’t sleep at night. Even our adopted doggies were scared too! We bought a handful of cameras from Amazon and we installed a couple of cameras from our old apartment. We received fake alerts a dozen times per day and sometimes per hour: either a moving tree or doggies going inside and out. It soon became frustrating! And we thought: there should be a better way. But in fact, there wasn’t! 

So we created one: DoBushi, the first privacy-centered intelligent property security system.

Later we discovered that this amazing technology can protect all sort of properties, commercial and residential. And we could guarantee your security, So our neo-insurance product, Guacamole AI, was born. Using connected sensors and intelligent algorithms, we look for suspicious behavior, while preserving privacy of consumers, to make your facility more secure. 

Executive Team

I want to sail the world with a 3-masted schooner

Dr. Nima Schei – CEO

Nima is an AI entrepreneur with background in medicine, AI and business development. He is co-creator of BELBIC, the first emotionally inspired AI-based controller.



I cannot start a day with swimming an hour

Dr. Hamed Tabkhi – CTO

Hamed is a Professor of AI at University of North Carolina (UNC) and a leading global expert in Real-Time AI and Smart Connected Communities.



I don’t have a favorite color! My heart beats for Animals.

Sara Zargaran- CMO

Sara is a marketing expert with 14 years of experience in digital media and marketing. She was behind some of the most organic campaigns on social media and wellness trends.




“I like sports and I am a very good golfer. During the pandemia I started playing Fortnite and now I get into fights with my son to see who uses the console first”

Federico Leon- CFO/CRO

After finishing his undergraduate education, Federico worked in the financial industry,  such as a brokerage house and a private equity firms. He also completed a master’s degree in finance in one of the most prestigious Universities in Argentina

and an MBA in the University of North Carolina


AI Team

Sadegh Nouri Gooshki

 Lead ML Software Engineer 

  ML expert who enjoys solving real-world challenges with AI

Excuse me, did you say you want to talk about philosophy?


Fares Ben Slimane

ML Software Developer

Fares is a Computer vision and AI enthusiast

love to learn new things every day, and I embrace my inner nerd. Thinking of starting a band with the other members of the Hummingbirds Team


System Team

Stéphane Charette

Senior C++ Software Developer

Stephane is a C++ Software developer Expert 

I’m a senior software developer with more than 30 years of commercial software development experience workingwith networks, embedded devices, and desktop software.


David Pabon

Embedded AI 

David is a machine learning expert and a physicist

 Got fat since quarantine began. I like physics, riding bike and playing guitar.


David Camilo 

System Architecture 

David is a hardware and network expert

I’d love to be an actor, I’m passionate for theatre. I’d love to be a professional tennis player and a guitarist. 


Miguel Felipe Lizarazo

Industrial Designer

Miguel is an Industrial Designer with a brand design focus, and toys maker.

I have a kid inside myself that wanna be Ironman, I love to produce toys, tech and sport wearables.


Ashley Viers 

UX Designer

Ashley is an expert User experience designer.

I overdose on nostalgia and want to time travel. I believe that leopard print is a neutral. 


Marketing Team

Carlos Duarte

Partnership Development Manager 


It’s harder to tell a joke when someone asks me to, than when someone asks me not to make fun of what they are saying


Arman Zargaran

Data Labeling Supervisor 

Arman is a marketing associate helping and Learning from marketing to AI

My guilty pleasure is to dance every night while brushing my teeth!


Sara Zapata

Marketing Assistant


My guilty pleasure is to dance every night while brushing my teeth!