Simplicity is Human

We are Hummingbirds AI, an award-winning cybersecurity startup, leveraging AI/Computer Vision for security, compliance, and the future of work. Our first product, GuacamoleID, is an intelligent software that is transforming cybersecurity through Touchless Continuous Authentication

Our mission is to make security and the future of work simple and human-centric with AI.

Leadership Team

Nima is a neuroscientist, inventor, and entrepreneur. Passionate about learning from biological systems he’s been creating bio-inspired intelligence with real-life applications. Starting from creating the world’s first emotion-based controller now he’s focused on humanizing the way we authenticate users.

Sara is a marketing entrepreneur, activist, and mastermind behind successful organic campaigns on social media including ovarian cancer awareness and a dozen other million+ campaigns. She’s passionate about connecting with people to increase awareness about life-changing technology products.

Ehsan is a software entrepreneur with experience founding and growing software and cybersecurity companies. For the last 15 years, Ehsan has been building and scaling agile technology teams. He was the CTO of a Toronto-based cyber security scale-up from the beginning until its acquisition. He’s passionate about enterprise product management, especially in the cybersecurity space.