A novel approach towards authentication.

  • Are you tired of entering your password for the 20th time A DAY?
  • Have you ever had anxiety about leaving your laptop without locking it to grab a coffee?
  • Have you ever experienced a day, when you forgot your phone at home and had difficulty logging into your own computer because of MFA?? 

You are not alone; Employees are tired of passwords, and even there’s a term for it: 

“Authentication Fatigue.”

This leads to humans being the most vulnerable part of cybersecurity:

  • 9 out of 10 successful cybersecurity breaches happen due to human error. 
  • 6 out of 10 organizations report their employees are not 100% following their security protocols.
  • Traditional authentication tools are losing their steam against ever-increasing phishing attacks. 

So we need to rethink authentication by automating manual authentication processes.

Introducing GuacamoleID for Touchless Continuous Authentication


Our first application is called GuacamoleID. GuacamoleID continuously ensures the right person is in front of the computer. Continuous authentication is proven to be the most secure tool for access to computers. The impact of GuacamoleID is not only for security, but also for productivity, convenience, and compliance.

The screen is available for the user as long as she/he’s in front of the computer. As soon as the user leaves the computer, the screen will be automatically blocked in a few seconds. As soon as the user comes back, the face is automatically recognized and the screen will be available. So touchless passwordless access to the computer. 

GuacamoleID also protects the computer against shoulder surfing. If an unauthorized person appears in the background close to the laptop, the screen will be automatically blurred. Once the intruder leaves, the screen will automatically be unlocked.

Since continuous authentication protects the device/resources not only for logging in but also during the active session through the end of the session, it is more secure than single sign-on authentication. It’s also phishing resistance. That’s why there’s a significant shift on the way from legacy authentication tools to continuous authentication. Unlike behavior-based continuous authentication tools that rely on ongoing action from the user (such as typing or moving the mouse), GuacamoleID is touchless and acts as an invisible security layer.

GuacamoleID is the only face-based continuous authentication tool in the market. Although GuacamoleID uses sophisticated vision AI to recognize and secure the sessions, it’s simple to implement and simple to use. 

Our customers say: so simple, so useful.

“It is a very innovative AI application that provides us with an ideal complement to add greater protection to our information assets, especially from the new normality and remote work, it is very important to provide our collaborators with efficient mechanisms that allow them to carry out with total Confidence in their daily activities while the organization feels comfortable knowing that its information is protected by this technology”

Chief Technology Officer at Financial Creditor

“After running internally a POC for GuacamoleID, we are very excited to partner with Hummingbirds AI and I think we can offer together a great value added services for industry customers”

Director of Technology at Telco operator 

“It is very effective when identifying faces other than those enrolled as well as when detecting the absence or lack of attention of the user in front of the monitor.”

Director of Cybersecurity Architecture at Multinational Bank

There are many specific use cases when a continuous face authentication system can enhance the security level. From the management of computers used by law enforcement agencies and defense departments to, the financial industry and healthcare among other enterprises, it is imperative to verify that the person using the system is the correct person to avoid information leaks, inappropriate use by third parties (i.e. MSPs) or people who should not be authorized. Additionally, continuous authentication offers an extra layer of security to BYOD and the devices that are being accessed by remote and hybrid workers.

WANT TO Simplify YOUR EMPLOYEES' Authentication?