GUACAMOLE™: An Innovative Authentication Approach.

  • ​​Do you get tired of entering your password for the 20th time a day, especially when it’s required to be long and complex?
  • Have you ever had anxiety about leaving your laptop without locking it to grab a coffee, knowing you’ll have to enter your password again when you return?
  • Have you ever experienced a day when you forgot your phone at home and had difficulty logging into your own computer because of MFA, causing frustration and delays in your workday?


These are just a few examples of how traditional authentication methods can lead to user fatigue and frustration; often referred to as: 

“Authentication Fatigue”

Authentication fatigue is a critical issue for cybersecurity because it makes humans the weakest link in the security chain. As research shows, 9 out of 10 successful cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, and 6 out of 10 organizations report that their employees are not fully following security protocols. This highlights the need for a more efficient and secure authentication method that can help reduce the risk of cyberattacks. Traditional authentication tools such as passwords and MFA are losing their effectiveness against the increasing sophistication of phishing attacks. By automating manual authentication processes, we can enhance security and improve the user experience by reducing the risk of authentication fatigue.

Introducing GUACAMOLE&#8482 for Touchless Continuous Authentication
Introducing GUACAMOLE&#8482, our first application that provides continuous touchless authentication to ensure the right person is in front of the computer. With proven effectiveness in enhancing security, productivity, convenience, and compliance, GUACAMOLE&#8482 is an ideal solution for IT professionals who are looking for automated access control to their computers.
GUACAMOLE&#8482 works by continuously identifying and authenticating the user’s face. The user’s screen remains available as long as they are in front of the computer. As soon as the user leaves, the screen is automatically blocked, and the user’s face is authenticated when they return, granting touchless and passwordless access to the computer.
In addition to touchless authentication, GUACAMOLE&#8482 also provides protection against shoulder surfing. If an unauthorized person appears in the background close to the laptop, the screen will be automatically blurred, ensuring the user’s privacy and security. Once the intruder leaves, the screen is automatically unlocked, and the user can continue to work uninterrupted.
With features such as shoulder surfing protection, anti-spoofing, dark mode support, and the ability to customize the splash screen, GUACAMOLE&#8482 is the ultimate solution for automated touchless access to computers. It also comes with an access audit log that enables administrators to track who accessed the device and when. GUACAMOLE&#8482 is built as a Windows Desktop application and supports MSI Windows mass deployment installer. For enterprise editions, a server component is available that can be deployed on any container-compatible platform. 
At Hummingbirds AI, we are committed to privacy-first solutions, and GUACAMOLE&#8482 is no exception. The product does not communicate with the cloud, and no customer information is accessible to Hummingbirds AI. The face registration information is stored on the device using secure encryption protocols, and no images are stored or transmitted over the network. Experience the benefits of continuous touchless authentication with GUACAMOLE&#8482 and take your IT security to the next level.

“It is a very innovative AI application that provides us with an ideal complement to add greater protection to our information assets, especially from the new normality and remote work, it is very important to provide our collaborators with efficient mechanisms that allow them to carry out with total Confidence in their daily activities while the organization feels comfortable knowing that its information is protected by this technology”

Chief Technology Officer at Financial Creditor

“After running internally a POC for GuacamoleID, we are very excited to partner with Hummingbirds AI and I think we can offer together a great value added services for industry customers”

Director of Technology at Telco operator 

“It is very effective when identifying faces other than those enrolled as well as when detecting the absence or lack of attention of the user in front of the monitor.”

Director of Cybersecurity Architecture at Multinational Bank

GUACAMOLE&#8482 has a variety of use cases across industries and applications. In the healthcare industry, GUACAMOLE&#8482 can ensure secure access to electronic medical records, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive patient information. In the financial sector, GUACAMOLE&#8482 can protect against identity theft and ensure secure access to financial records. In educational institutions, GUACAMOLE&#8482 can ensure secure access to student records and confidential data. Additionally, GUACAMOLE&#8482 can be used in corporate settings to protect against unauthorized access to company information and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Ultimately, GUACAMOLE&#8482 is a versatile solution for any organization looking to enhance security, productivity, and compliance.

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