AI-Latam Welcomes Nima Schei as a World Class Speaker on Passwordless Authentication and Endpoint Security

AI-Latam Welcomes Nima Schei as a World Class Speaker on Passwordless Authentication and Endpoint Security

Hummingbirds AI CEO, Nima Schei was one of the keynote speakers to talk about at the Latin American event AI Latam, the leading artificial intelligence congress connecting over 2,000 global leaders in business, government, and academia from over 80 countries to discuss the future and possibilities of AI for the region.

From March 23 -26 Panama becomes the center of AI development, gathering experts and professionals in the field of AI, business intelligence, and analytics in a 3-day event with exhibits, pre-meetings, and networking events that brings the very best of the AI world to Latin America. 

From AI transforming business intelligence and analytics to machine learning and language processing or sales automation with AI,  the sessions were the perfect environment to understand how AI is transforming human life and human interactions in every way. And it is not a futuristic idea, it is happening right now everywhere and Latin America is no exception.

AI-Latam Welcomes Nima Schei as a World Class Speaker on Passwordless Authentication and Endpoint Security

Vision AI for continuous identity protection

For the opening day, Hummingbirds AI CEO Nima Schei was chosen as a keynote speaker to introduce and get deep into current cyber threats and how the constantly evolving cyber landscape demands frictionless and passwordless solutions accessible to all. In a new hybrid working environment, the use of vision AI for continuous employee authentication constitutes a true answer for the prevention and detection of information security threats and identity authentication.

The number of cyber threats has gone up, especially in financial institutions where even small and mid-size banks have been victims. According to CEO Nima Schei, The ecosystem has changed, hacking has specialized and professionalized and the existing structures are not efficient enough. “One very recent example is Okta, one of the leaders in authentication technology. When even market giants are victims of what they claim to prevent, we can confirm nobody is protected throughout the world.” 

Once an attack takes place, usually the consumers of that organization lose their money. Money can be returned but in the case of the data, that usually ends up in the dark web, with the potential danger of it being eventually used by bad actors for fraud. So a data breach for customers is much more than just money. Companies risk losing credibility and customers. 

For this reason, zero-trust architecture is becoming more and more popular every time. Companies need to apply zero trust architecture to the workforce and provide them with authentication tools to guarantee only the right person has access to the company’s device. Companies need to build their infrastructures to prevent vulnerability of the endpoints because if they don’t have good authentication mechanisms for the users to verify it is the right person, sooner or later they will be losing data. 

A passwordless authentication and endpoint security future ahead

One of the key points of the conference was the need to replace the already outdated password-based method of authentication for another that offers better security, zero friction, and continuous protection, in contrast to protection only at the moment of access. Hummingbirds AI´s background on passwordless authentication through its platform GuacamoleID provided Nima Schei with the arguments to prove a better method exists. 

“Password for authentication is not effective because it gives way to human error, the same password tends to be used across multiple platforms and even when complemented with 2nd step authentication or multifactor authentication, it is not user-friendly and it offers no protection after the login. We need a better mechanism, and that is your face. A unique key. However, facial biometric solutions must be privacy-preserving and cloud-independent”

From Nima Schei´s perspective, which he applies to every Hummingbirds AI development, “the ultimate solution should be more accessible than FaceID, should offer authentication after sign-on and provide with real-time vulnerabilities and risk detection mechanisms.”  

One example of an AI technology ensuring these necessary features is Hummingbirds AI´s GuacamoleID, an application that protects organizations against unauthorized access and visual hacking by continuous video-based third step authentication. If an unauthorized person appears in front of the computer, the screen will be automatically blocked to safeguard against data breaches and impostors. As it uses facial features it is completely passwordless and offers a zero-friction user experience and because all the processing is performed on the device, no data goes online, assuring user privacy.

Events such as AI-Latam shape the present and future of AI diversity and its power to improve every aspect of human life and interactions, everywhere. It is Hummingbirds AI´s hope to keep seeing such events take place so that every country and continent can benefit from its use and help bridge the gap between the countries and institutions that use it to offer better services and simplify people’s life from those who can´t.

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