Your Data is Your Property

As a computer-vision innovation hub, Hummingbirds AI assumes a profound commitment to a nature-human-centric future through AI with privacy as its cornerstone. Our AI solutions are created on the premises of privacy protection, preservation, and interaction and adapt to an array of industries and cases, being the perfect match for identity authentication, information security, account takeover fraud prevention, and risk assessment.

Our technology secures any digital interaction on the device, so that the user, whether an individual, an employee, or a company, has the certainty that those actions and their privacy are not shared and completely safe and guarded against intrusion, both internal or external.

AI  without privacy Hummingbirds AI

Our attributes for robust AI technology

It is based on video: It collects more facial features than selfie-based technologies, is trained to react to movement, and can authenticate users both in a standstill or moving position.


It is cloud-independent: To keep biometric information away from external virtual hacking on the cloud: all biometric data remains locally stored. This allows customers to have real power over their privacy: it is the users decision whether to keep it or delete it.


It relies on edge computing: The processing is performed in the edge device, lowering the time between detection and response and improving risk assessment and system reaction.

It is reactive and proactive: It allows or refuses access but, by running in the background, it is ready to reject intruders automatically, without the user’s action.

We create the future of work while protecting your privacy.

When data is open and available, tech companies auction off the private data to the highest bidders, such as advertisers. Also some cloud-based companies partner up with police departments and give them access to any surveillance data they may have. This creates a situation in which police forces disregard certain laws while being shielded from public scrutiny.

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