Your Data is Your Property

You won’t have to worry any more about others prying and getting access to your information. Our privacy-centered architecture stores camera footage in its own central unit inside the property. This means data isn’t uploaded into the cloud for anyone to meddle with. If by any chance the system does get hacked, the data isn’t retrievable as it’s incoded. So the risk of a security breach is minimal.

This works quite differently from other cloud-based security systems in which video footage is processed in the cloud, making it HACKABLE for third parties. Although these security breaches aren’t very common, they do surprisingly happen. And when they do, things can get very ugly. There have been such cases in some property security companies.

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Also, Do+Bushi only stores the information users classify as important. They can choose which events they want captured and saved. For instance, users who wish to know when their dog is outside, can program the cameras to detect that speciffic activity.
Every other piece of data that isn’t wanted is deleted on the spot. Another point in favor of privacy is that by keeping information out of business’s reach, footage sharing between the users and the private and public sector is avoided.

We create the future of work while protecting your privacy.

When data is open and available, tech companies auction off the private data to the highest bidders, such as advertisers. Also some cloud-based companies partner up with police departments and give them access to any surveillance data they may have. This creates a situation in which police forces disregard certain laws while being shielded from public scrutiny.