We’re Hummingbirds AI, converging the expanding universe of computer vision, big data, and behavior analytics at the edge, creating a comprehensive pool of precious data for enterprises and smart cities.

See Beyond,

Sight is mankind’s most important sense; it underlies much of human life and economic activity. Imagine the freedom of managing on-site or remote teams with simple, seamless and sophisticated behavioral analytics at a glance without analytics, without sacrificing privacy.

Unearth Superhuman Performance

Connect people and teams in new ways, helping them catapult performance while
providing the right level of managerial oversight without sacrificing privacy which, unlike
many tech companies, we view as sacred.

Technology Designed to Empower Productivity

A ubiquitous, scalable, enterprise-ready, closed-loop, tech platform specifically designed
to enhance business profitability, productivity, and prevention; delivering real-time
employee performance insights, at scale, without sacrificing worker’s privacy.

Better Visual Data and Insights to Drive More Business

Better visual data insights and interpretation providing specific business actions and
outputs. We process video data on our own dedicated and secured servers that keep
data and information safe.

Tailor Made to Meet Your Business Needs

We are able to suit your specific challenges while still appealing to a wide variety of verticals and complex business challenges.

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