Touchless Re-authentication Creates a Better Life for Bankers

Touchless Re-authentication creates a better life for bankers

Why are bankers still going through the hassle of doing stressful and time-consuming multi-factor authentication with passwords, when they could be using touchless continuous authentication to shorten their MFA process and enhance their productivity and user experience? 

Bank tellers are used to working under pressure. They process financial information from customers, cash checks, offer loans, and a long list of other customer-oriented services with precision. On a regular 8-hour shift the pressure to achieve in time and manner is high. But in the case of bank tellers, it is even higher: they have to do their tasks and also make sure that the Data stored in their computers is secure by performing multi-factor authentication. 

To re-authenticate or not to re-authenticate? That is the MFA question

Multi-factor authentication guarantees that only the authorized user has access to the right device, and when it comes to data and user protection, is doing just fine, but in real life, it means that every time bank tellers walk away from their station, they have to log off so that no one can look at the information, And every time they return, they have to log in again just to keep working. That set of actions repeats itself at least15 times a day. Not only does it make the job more stressful. It is also tiring, and when employees get tired, they make mistakes. 

MFA is important, no doubt about it. The threat of cyber attacks is constant, real, and financial information is a feast for hackers. In fact, banks and credit unions suffer attacks 300 times more often than other industries. It takes only one tired and distracted employee (who forgets to log off a tenth time before taking a break) to suffer a million-dollar data breach that may cause a bank´s money, clients, and trust to go somewhere else. And as if that were not enough, banks haven’t realized yet that they are paying for it. They are paying for unprofitable time in inefficient re-authentication. MFA was designed to compensate for weaknesses and purposely implies a certain degree of friction and difficulty. But the friction of constantly re-authenticating to use the device proves unnecessary when there are top-notch solutions to do the job faster and better.

How can multi-factor authentication get easier and faster? Make it touchless

Password-based re-authentication is clearly on the way out and touchless authentication solutions are taking their place to create a better life for bankers. Imagine not having to type in a password and a code every time you stand up and get away from the computer. And now imagine not typing in the same password again, plus a different code, just so that the screen gets on. If bank tellers were told to choose between re-authenticating with 2 factors or doing it touchless, we know what they would choose. 

It is not only about the user experience (obviously important). It is about the expensive productivity issue it arises. Re-authentication is used to confirm that the person accessing resources now is the same person who signed up to use them initially, and it repeats itself many times a day per employee. This usual password-based re-authentication process requires around 5-10 minutes. It means that re-authenticating with repetitive MFA can reduce a regular daily shift by 10% daily, and amount to a full day of work at the end of the month. This time could be used for customer satisfaction. Instead, it goes into a manual process. When seen in context, banks are paying a third of their workforce salary for re-authentication and a reduced working schedule. 

Going for touchless continuous authentication with facial biometrics

Improving re-authentication is the key to easing the already too bumpy MFA. Touchless authentication solutions would increase productivity almost instantly, and directly reduce the costs derived from the wasted time and obvious inefficiency. However, its good deeds don’t end there. With a touchless way to authenticate, the workforce’s happiness would improve along with their workflow. 

Considering the tools and technologies available that are compliant with bank regulations, facial biometrics is the key ingredient missing in the re-authentication + touchless equation. However, to target the specific issue of seamlessly protecting unattended devices and avoiding closing and opening sessions,  continuous facial biometrics offers the most suitable answer. 

That’s when solutions such as GuacamoleID come into the picture. GuacamoleID is a continuous biometric re-authentication solution that helps bank tellers get rid of the MFA friction while still keeping devices protected. GuacamoleID not only maximizes productivity and the user experience, this same technology also keeps bank tellers and their devices secured from prying eyes or unauthorized access attempts.

How touchless continuous authentication works

GuacamoleID uses facial biometrics to identify authorized users and bind them to their devices so that they are the only ones allowed to use a terminal. This same technology secures the terminal automatically when the user steps away by locking the screen and without the need to log out of the device. GuacamoleID is a computer vision application that uses continuous video. This allows it to make devices accessible again immediately when the user returns, without the need to do multi-factor authentication. This same mechanism works to extend the authenticated session through the small interruptions in the day, and block the device if unauthorized use is attempted. GuacamoleID continuous authentication offers banks:

-Improved accuracy and higher processing speed

-Lower stress levels

-Permanent reduction of time spent on logging

-Screen- lock when users leave

-Screen-lock when wrong users are detected

-Increased productivity and security

– Reduce workflow interruption and costs


GuacamoleID is the balanced combination of cybersecurity and workflow optimization that banks are adopting for better employee and customer experience. To learn more about touchless re-authentication and GuacamoleID and it can maximize your productivity contact us.

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