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Privacy is not a privilege. It is a right and for us, a vital condition to be applied to all our technology. And because we have privacy as one of our core values, we’re cloud-independent and focus on objects and behaviors rather than faces.

Privacy comes first.

Your data
remains where
it belongs.

To you.

Every single aspect of business is becoming more data-driven so there’s no reason why the human side of business shouldn’t be the same, as long as privacy is not at risk. Our proprietary cloud-independent, privacy-first system is designed to enable companies like yours to manage your business more efficiently, while providing your team with more flexibility

According to recent market reports, 80% of businesses would allow employees to work remotely at least part time. Then, why not provide your team with the flexibility they deserve while protecting your most precious assets?

up productivity

Be a step ahead.
See first
and faster.

Technology can be overwhelming at times and sailing through the growing number of options is just getting harder. We focus on enhancing business productivity, efficiency and profitable performance with unrivaled information security solutions you understand. Because technology should be helpful, not complex.

The future of work is flexible and our primary function is to unleash human potential in a secure way, increasing your revenue and lowering your costs.

up profitability


We know it’s hard enough to manage your business. Why worry about the potential for theft, data privacy and fraud? Use technology to your advantage and benefit from our non-invasive privacy-first AI to keep your sensitive data guarded.

Time is one of your greatest assets. You
can’t afford to waste it and nor can your company. That’s why our technology works by showing complete behavioral analytic information in one simple real-time dashboard.

Simplify Performance Management

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