Hummingbirds AI Stands Out as Cybersecurity Company in CES 2022

Thank you Dark Reading for acknowledging the importance of enterprise security and GuacamoleID as one of the solutions standing out in the market. We are living in a time when the world lives and works more remotely than ever before and the use of biometrics is key to guarantee the security of any sensitive information, whether it’s personal or corporate. And among the companies trying to come up with smart solutions, Hummingbirds AI together with Tuya and Microsoft are leading the way. We couldn’t be more proud.

According to “Enterprise Security at CES 2022 Marked by IoT, Biometrics, and PC Chips”, with Tuya focusing on IoT security and Microsoft´s Pluton on pc security chips, GuacamoleID by Hummingbirds AI is the only smart solution based on biometrics and the simplicity of something that any device has: a camera. And with a pandemic that nobody can really predict when it will end, “this is decidedly a solution, as so many companies have shifted to full or partial remote workforces.” Definitely all the hard work we are doing pays off and this is just the beginning of HummingbirdsAI´s journey.

Cybercrime: a multi billion dollar problem

Cybercrime and consequently Cybersecurity are major issues in any company´s economy, but sometimes it seems hard to measure and actually comprehend the extent of its consequences. For instance, “if cybercrime were measured as a country, it would be the world’s third-largest economy after the U.S. and China.” Just last year it inflicted damages totaling $6 trillion USD globally. Cybercrime can be quantified in money but the damage it inflicts goes way further, not only affecting individuals but also having the capacity to destroy companies. Cybercrime costs do not only include damage and destruction of data (personal or financial) and stolen money. They also involve the theft of intellectual property, the interruption of business operations with the obvious loss of productivity and the harm to the reputation of the company. According to investigations from the FBI on cyber intrusions every American citizen should expect their personal data to be stolen at some moment. Ransomware, for instance, has reached epidemic proportions globally and for 2021 the damage figure rose to $20 billion.

Cybersecurity and Cyber Threats in Covid-19 times

According to Stanford University, half the U.S. labor force is working remotely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that more employees are sharing data, and accessing devices for professional use without the right security, leaving more blind spots open and increasing the chance of suffering sneak-peek data leaks.

It is every company’s responsibility to take even the smallest  type of cyberthreats, such as prying eyes, shoulder surfing or sneak peeking seriously, in order to protect users but also themselves from the devastating results of cybercrime. And if we look in the present and the future, artificial intelligence proves to be the most useful resource enterprises have to face.


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