Hummingbirds AI showcases GuacamoleID Enterprise at Identity Week America and Appoints Ehsan Foroughi as Chief Technology and Security Officer

Following the partnership with the Panasonic XCELERATE Program for bringing Touchless Continuous Authentication to TOUGHBOOK clients, Hummingbirds AI will showcase GuacamoleID Enterprise, the Touchless Continuous Authentication software program with remote IAM capabilities at Identity Week America, the leading event on identity and authentication solutions at the Washington Convention center on October 4-5 2022.

“This is our second year at this event. Last year we released the early prototype of GuacamoleID and we grabbed the attention of the private and public sectors including representatives of several federal agencies. Since then, the number of cyber threats skyrocketed, however, the security industry’s response was just a band-aid. GuacamoleID makes employees’ jobs not only secure but also convenient. It has been massively transitioned as we got feedback from our early customers and this transition has been working incredibly well for us,” explained Sara Zargaran, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer. “This year, I’m very excited to announce that we’re releasing the GuacamoleID Enterprise in this event and I’m sure it will bring invaluable benefits to our larger clients.”

GuacamoleID enables touchless access to computers with continuous facial authentication: GuacamoleID eliminates the need for passwords or two-factor authentication during active sessions and replaces this security step with touchless facial matching.  This novel security tool automatically blocks the screen when the authorized user leaves the device.

The award-winning software continuously protects computers against unauthorized access, which protects companies against data leaks if a device or a password to a device is compromised. Optionally, GuacamoleID protects computers against shoulder surfing attacks or visual hacking by blurring the screen when an unauthorized person is detected. By automated and continuous access verification, GuacamoleID transforms security, privacy, and compliance for public and private entities with access to confidential information, including public safety, healthcare, and financial services.

“GuacamoleID Enterprise is Hummingbirds AI’s answer to the need for scalable Identity and Access Management solutions. It allows IT departments to deploy and manage GuacamoleID on the employees’ computers on the scale through a server. As an example, a bank teller, a police officer, or a nurse can register their face on one computer and use one or a group of computers that the IT gives them access to.” Sara Zargaran added.

Earlier this year, Hummingbirds AI was selected to be part of the IBM-backed Masschallenge Mentorship program supporting fast-growing startups with innovative technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Security. In Hummingbirds AI case, it was not only one of the very few companies selected for its industry-changing cybersecurity solutions but was also selected to join the Masschallenge US Early Stage cohort 2022 with support from diverse security, SaaS, enterprise, marketing, and sales experts. This rare opportunity helped Hummingbirds AI to find its product-market-fit and secure the initial customers in the public sector.

Recently, Hummingbirds AI appointed the former Chief Technology Officer of Security Compass, a Toronto-based cybersecurity company, Ehsan Foroughi, as Chief Technology and Security Officer. Ehsan is a seasoned software entrepreneur with experience founding and growing software and cybersecurity businesses. “From the public to private sector, almost every employee ends up struggling with complex software. In the past 20 years that I have worked in the technology sector, I have seen how security and privacy keep adding to people’s anxiety in life by adding yet more complexity to software.” Ehsan Foroughi added “What inspired me to join the Hummingbirds AI team was seeing how they have managed to pack this power technology in such a simple interface which makes using the device securely so much easier. I am looking forward to supporting the team in getting such amazingly powerful yet simple technology into a wide impacting audience.” Ehsan will help Hummingbirds AI scale its cybersecurity product portfolio as well as become a leader in the Identity & Access Management/passwordless market.

About Hummingbirds AI

Hummingbirds AI is an award-winning cybersecurity startup, leveraging artificial intelligence to make business operations secure and efficient. Hummingbirds AI’s GuacamoleID is the world’s first touchless continuous authentication solution for every computer using facial matching. GuacamoleID makes access to computers touchless, secure, convenient, and compliant.

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