Hummingbirds AI Joins the Plant based Treaty Against Climate Change



The Plant Based Treaty initiative is a worldwide campaign following the Paris Treaty agreements designed to put food systems at the forefront of combating climate change. As a company that sees the need for human activity to grow together with nature and not against it, Hummingbirds AI endorses the initiative and joins the Plant-based Treaty. 

The Paris Climate Agreement is an international treaty aimed to address the world climate crisis. One of its main goals is to limit global warming to 1.5°C in order to avoid the worst impact on the environment. However, according to it, any temperature rise will alter the fragile function and connection of ecosystems, and rises beyond 2°C will be catastrophic. Many of the consequences of greenhouse effects and global warming are seen at present: ice-free Arctic summers,  mammals losing their habitat, extreme floods and droughts, and the increase in wildfires are the most relevant ones as the United Nations appoints but still, the effects of climate change are many more. 

Taking the Fossil Fuel Treaty as a model, the Plant Based Treaty aims to put a stop to the general degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal agriculture and to encourage a shift towards sustainable plant-based diets. In its initiative, the Plant-based Treaty urges experts and professionals but also groups, businesses and cities to endorse their call to demand for a transformation. Technology Companies are shaping the way humans interact with each other and the environment and therefore their responsibility is bigger. In accordance with this huge responsibility Hummingbirds AI has proudly joined the Plant-based Treaty to contribute to the fight against climate change and take a stand in the technological sphere as a company that understands that any technological innovation has to be hand in hand with a human-nature approach.

As long-standing vegans and animal rights activists, both Hummingbirds AI´s CEO Nima Schei and CMO Sara Zargaran have endorsed the Plant Based Treaty. They understand that ending fossil fuels alone will not avoid climate breakdown or animal abuse. As CEO Nima Schei puts it, “I see a direct connection between singularity and life. And this thought raises an important question: Can human beings prepare for singularity, by creating synergy between humans and nature? We need to respect other intelligent beings and understand that seeing them as a source of food, ride or amusement, is a form of abuse.”

There is a climate, ocean, biodiversity and animal crisis and the solutions are right before our eyes. There are no small actions and they need to come from all levels, from individuals, to business to government. If you are an AI technology company like Hummingbirds AI you can follow us and many other companies by making a change and endorsing the Plant-based Treaty.

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