Hummingbirds AI is Selected for the 2022 Mass Challenge and IBM Mentorship Program


IBM and MassChallenge have launched their second cohort of startups and entrepreneurs to join the 2022 edition of MassChallenge and IBM mentorship program and Hummingbirds AI has become one of the selected companies to start the program.


MassChallenge judges look for high-impact, high-potential startups, with a path to success and, proving to have all these qualities. For this 2022 cohort, 51 startups have been chosen because of the power of their developments and solutions to impact the world. From healthcare to enterprise technology, Hummingbirds AI stands out for its strong business model, and a robust and advanced technology in data and cyber security. As an award-winning tech-hub it is constantly working to produce the most advanced technology to change the world so that human life can unfold to its best. With this aim in mind, so that AI technology contributes to a more sustainable future, Hummingbirds AI has created GuacamoleID and will receive the mentorship of specialized IBM executives so that it can propel its business forward.


GuacamoleID is Hummingbirds AI´s technology to secure information and users. GuacamoleID stands out from all the rest of solutions because it works as a Face ID, something many people are familiar with. With GuacamoleID on a computer,  screens are protected against prying eyes and visual hacking in a very simple way: first, it identifies the user just with a camera on any device. And secondly, it grants access to data only to that person. So if someone other than that user approaches the device, Guacamole will block it.Hummingbirds AI´s technology is available to everyone and every device to democratize safe digital access. 

For CEO Nima Schei, serial tech entrepreneur and founder of Hummingbirds AI, GuacamoleID is “the Swiss Army Knife of Authentication”, a true solution to solve many of the cyber and data security problems industries in general are struggling with right now. “GuacamoleID is solving the problem of who is who in the digital space through a novel privacy-first approach towards authentication.” With this technology Hummingbirds AI not only addresses customers´ usual pain points, but it also offers an effective solution with impact on every industry.

Startups admitted into the MassChallenge IBM Mentorship program go through mentorship, and exhibition events designed to produce growth, funding, and 3rd-party collaboration and are also invited to participate in a Prize Competition where IBM will award $50k in non-cap-table cash prizes.

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