Hummingbirds AI is recognized for the innovation and excellence in embedded computer vision



Hummingbirds AI was announced as the winner of the 2022 Vision tank competition in Santa Clara, California. 


Silicon Valley became the heart of Edge computer vision innovation as it held the final Vision Tank competition of the 2022 Embedded Vision Summit. The Edge AI and Vision Alliance gathers the most innovative companies and well-known names in the field of computer vision in Santa Clara, California.


For this competition, The Edge AI and Vision Alliance brought together 5  of the most innovative startups in the industry as finalists who pitched their groundbreaking solutions in front of an expert audience and a panel of 3 esteemed judges: Vin Ratford, CEO of Piera Systems, Shweta Shrivastava, Senior Product Leader of Waymo, and Forrest Iandola, founder of Brazzle. In this year’s competition, Hummingbirds AI Inc. and its convenient and robust authentication solution, GuacamoleID, won the highly regarded award of the day, the Vision Tank 2022 Judges Award. 


GuacamoleID is a “FaceID” for every computer. It provides robust, continuous authentication for prevention of account takeovers, unauthorized access, prying eyes and data breaches through on-device, video-based facial biometrics, saving millions of dollars for businesses. GuacamoleID works on every device no matter what the camera is to authenticate users’ access to confidential information, making sure always the right person has access to enterprise’s sensitive data. If an unauthorized person appears in front of the computer or in the background, the screen will be blocked to prevent costly and dangerous incidents. 


This proprietary  technology preserves users’ privacy by working independently from the cloud and keeping biometrics encrypted and safe in the device.  The use cases vary from information security to safety in manufacturing plants and continuous access control in autonomous vehicles.


As Jeff Bier, founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance and General Chairman of the Embedded Vision Summit, expressed,  “this reflects the growing pace of innovation fueled by edge AI, deep learning, and computer vision.” 


In this contest, esteemed judges assessed companies based on their technical innovation as well as for the excellence in their business plans, teams, and market potential.

As the winner of the Vision Tank Judges’ Award, Hummingbirds AI received a cash prize, a one-year membership in the Edge AI and Vision Alliance and access to a network of potential investors, customers, and suppliers.

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