How GuacamoleID is Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risk by Automating Manual Processes

GuacamoleID cybersecurity

According to Forbes, the cybersecurity industry is only beginning to address the catastrophic problems of systemic cyber risk. One reason could be merely a wrong approach.

Just like Hummingbirds AI`s CEO, Nima Schei, explained at a RSA Conference for Forbes: “cyber risk is an exponential risk, with real-world consequences, but it is treated as a linear risk. The gap between our needs and our resources is exponentially getting wider and wilder.” That is exactly the key. Systemic cyber risk is non-linear, which makes determining its impact and reducing its dangers challenging. Probably because tools for finding and measuring systemic cyber risk remain limited and are developed to detect linear threat behaviors. Hummingbirds AI technology, GuacamoleID, is the first continuous video-based biometric verification app to address the most common entry point of systemic cyber: the human interface.

Systemic risk is about the risk that all the parts of any complex system share, and that includes third-party vulnerabilities. So seeing the full picture requires consolidated understanding of cyber vulnerabilities, its connections across multiple ecosystems and solutions that share this same holistic and proactive approach to cyber risk management. Read the full article here.

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