About Us

We are Hummingbirds AI, the home of Bushi+Do

hummingbird ai

maximized security- minimized alerts

We love privacy

Our Bushido app is user-friendly and integrates all of your home security visual sensors (Bushi) to the brain of the system (Do) seamlessly in a couple of minutes. We save you a lot of time, money and bandwidth by getting rid of unnecessary alerts: We only alert you when you needed to be! Our privacy-centered architecture will keep you away from the eyes of governments, corporates, advertisers and hackers.

why we started hummingbirds.ai

Our Story

Like many GEN-X and millennials, we finally became house owners. Moving from an apartment to a house is a huge step: there’s no doorman, no security, and you often have a couple of neighbors, instead of dozens. The first week that my wife and I moved to our new house, we were scared and couldn’t sleep at night. Even our adopted doggies were scared too! We bought a handful of cameras from Amazon and we installed a couple of cameras from our old apartment. We received fake alerts a dozen times per day and sometimes per hour: either a moving tree or doggies going inside and out. It soon became frustrating! And we thought: there should be a better way. But in fact, there wasn’t! So we created one: Bushido, the first privacy-centered intelligent home security system!

Our Company

Based in Seattle, WA, Hummingbirds.ai is a privately held early stage startup. We started working on this idea in 2019 and established the company in 2020. Our team is small and agile.

We have a culturally-diverse team of talent, working to bring you the best security solution on the Planet. In fact, diversity is one of our core values.

Our Team

Nima Schei- CEO

Nima is an AI entrepreneur with background in medicine, AI and business. He is co-creator of BEL/BELBIC, the first emotionally inspired AI algorithm.

Nima Schei

I want to sail the world with a 3-masted schooner


Adriano Cabalieri- COO

Adriano has 18 years of executive experience with Fortune 500 companies in USA, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, MX, Central America and Greenpeace International.


My dream is to play the guitar with AC/DC




Hamed Tabkhi- CTO

 Hamed is an assistant professor of AI at the University of North Carolina and one of the leading experts in edge computing and computer vision on the edge.

Hamed Tabkhi

I cannot start a day without swimming for an hour


Sara Zargaran- CMO

Sara is a marketing expert with 9 years of experience in digital media and marketing. She was behind some of the most organic campaigns on social media.

sara zargaran

I don’t have a favorite color! My heart beats for Animals.


David Pabon

Head of AI

David is a machine learning expert and a physicist.

David Pabon

 Got fat since quarantine began. I like physics, riding bike and playing guitar.


David Camilo 

Head of Hardware

David is a hardware and network expert. 

David Camilo

I’d love to be an actor, I’m passionate for theatre. I’d love to be a professional tennis player and a guitarist. 


Ashley Viers 

UX Designer

Ashley is an expert User experience designer.

Ashley Viers

I overdose on nostalgia and want to time travel. I believe that leopard print is a neutral. 


Belen Ferrari

Content Creator

Belén is a journalist who loves to write and think creatively.

If I can have a laugh each day, I consider myself satisfied!


Arman Zargaran


Having new experiences at my first job and, Learning from marketing to AI.

arman zargaran

My guilty pleasure is to dance every night while brushing my teeth!