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 TechCrunch Top Picks for Disrupt 2020  in the category of Security and Privacy

Our Mission

To protect your property without sacrificing your privacy: We created a revolutionary property security concept: We keep YOUR data where it belongs: PRIVATE


YOUR property, YOUR data, YOUR privacy. We are developing Do+Bushi, an AI-based Privacy-centered Property Security solution for your smart property. 

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In a perfectly imperfect world, we are the change you’ve always wanted to see: To be in control of YOUR data. Learn about the home privacy in our blog

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Hi there!

We’re Hummingsbirds.AI, a team of disruptors creating something that has never existed before: A secure security without sacrificing privacy! They say privacy and security are like water and oil: They say you can have security but you’ll lose privacy. They say you can have privacy, but you’ll lose security. We created the first ever [security+privacy] experience, the perfect combination in an imperfect world!   It's called Do+Bushi

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