Hummingbirds AI is an award-winning startup working with computer vision to create privacy-first intelligent applications that secure enterprises´ data and allow them to work more efficiently. Our platform, GuacamoleID, protects organizations against unauthorized access and visual hacking through continuous 3rd step authentication. At Hummingbirds AI we believe in and strive for a world where human activity and the environment can co-exist in harmony.

That’s the reason why our technology is designed so that human interactions become more time-efficient and less resource-consuming. We simplify actions that, without technology, would be highly complicated and would end up creating an imbalance between nature and humans. This desire to improve life in an organic way expands in our commitment to protect animal life and respect the environment in every way. Therefore Hummingbirds AI has the commitment to assign 10% of its incomes to support causes that contribute to saving wildlife and the planet. 

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