Nima Schei is here, the chief guacamole maker at hummingbirds ai, and I’m looking for a guacamole makers, guacamole maker #1. Guacamole makers are like market makers in finance, they facilitate. They execute what I tell them to do, which requires an enormous amount of mental power in doing. No objections, they have to believe in me, That’s requirement number one. They also should be super smart; not smart, super smart, impressing me, and my expectations are pretty high. And be able to grow, not be outgrown. 

Salary: $1m in 3 years in equities vested over 36 months with 1 month cliff. The stocks are cashable at the end of the 36 months.

This is a full-time job for US-based individuals, but you can do it remotely. Being in Miami is a plus.  There is no cash salary. This is an independent contractor position.

Attach a DALL-E generated image depicting what’s guacamole maker according to you with your email.

To apply send an email to with answering this question: Why you? If there is a fit, I’ll get back to you to schedule an interview. The interview may be publicly shared.

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