Job Description:

Do you have fresh and innovative ideas to get the first million users for GuacamoleID? If yes, we invite you to join our team and lead the marketing campaigns that will increase the awareness, engagement, and adoption of our product. You will also do market research, create content, manage social media, and analyze data.

Job Requirements:

Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

Creative and analytical thinking skills

Ability to work independently and collaboratively

Passion for technology and innovation

How to Apply:

To apply for this position, you need to download the application (windows-based computers only), and use it for a few days. You will get a free license until the end of 2023. You also need to make a one-minute video about how you plan to bring it in front of 1 million users, in an organic way. Don’t mention the obvious strategies, give us one specific strategy that our team finds brilliant and applicable. Your video is public and we might share it internally and with our audience. We are looking for the best people in marketing, no experience is required, so impress us with your creativity!

About Hummingbirds AI:

Hummingbirds AI is an artificial intelligence and computer vision startup that provides trustable AI and helps companies and individuals optimize their performance and enhance security.

About GuacamoleID:

GuacamoleID is our first application that ensures the right person is always in front of the computer.  GuacamoleID is a software that uses artificial intelligence to provide continuous and touchless authentication for Windows computers. It uses your webcam to recognize your face and automatically lock or unlock your screen when you walk away or come back. It also protects your privacy by blurring your screen if someone else tries to peek at your work.



The Steps:

1- Submit your request for a GuacamoleID license and pre-screening. You have to have a Windows computer.

2- If approved, we will send you the link to download GuacamoleID and further instructions.

3- You will work with the application and you record a one-minute video discussing what’s your unique brilliant strategy.

4- You will submit your strategy (video) along with you resume to the email provided following approval.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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