Guacamole Platform

Introducing Guacamole Platform to Monitor Your Complex Operations Efficiently, at Scale

Enterprises are facing a big challenge to efficiently manage their operations, while they are becoming more complex and decentralized.  In the meantime, most businesses are not familiar with how artificial intelligence and computer vision can help them.

Based on this, we developed a web-based platform, called GUACAMOLE, to optimize operation performance.  By using artificial intelligence, our technology is providing real-time workplace monitoring and human behavior analysis, and GUACAMOLE delivers actionable insights in a simple and efficient user interface.

Guacamole for
Contact Centers

Guacamole for
Self Storage Facilities

Our technology provides an end-to-end [server+software] solution that is capable of:

For Contact Centers: Real-time workplace monitoring and employee behavior analysis, without sacrificing their privacy, to identify and prevent fraud as soon as it happens

For Self Storage Facilities: Real-time human behavior analysis and showing the 2D trajectory map of employees, customers and visitors in real-time. Once we detect a suspicious behavior, we notify the property manager.


Guacamole platform gives users invaluable data that can be used for increasing security, safety and boosting revenue for enterprises. In addition, Guacamole has been helpful in reducing costs for our customers. It so easy to use, that you can manage hundreds of employees in only one screen.

Here’s a video demo that how the Guacamole platform 

for self storage facilities looks like:

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