Hummingbirds AI is an award-winning computer vision startup, creating privacy-first intelligent applications for security and efficiency of the enterprise. Our first platform, GuacamoleID protects organizations against unauthorized access and visual hacking through continuous 3rd step authentication. At Hummingbirds AI our commitment to diversity and inclusion comes from the awareness that our innovation capacity comes from those who make us.

A diverse and inclusive workforce where different backgrounds, beliefs, ages, sexual identitties, races, nationalities and abilitiesĀ  come together is the key to our success. As a company, Hummingbirds AI pushes the boundaries to create a bigger, safer and more connected world. In order to do so, we want our workforce to know that for us, their ethnicity, gender, faith or class is never a drawback but an advantage that, as a company, we welcome and embrace. Hummingbirds AI is an all-voice culture.

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