the executive team

Dr. Nima Schei - CEO

Executive Team

Nima is an AI entrepreneur with background in medicine, AI and business development. He is co-creator of BELBIC, the first emotionally inspired AI-based controller. 


“I want to sail the world with a 3-masted schooner”

Sara Zargaran- CMO

Executive Team

Sara is a marketing expert with 14 years of experience in digital marketing. She was behind some of the most organic campaigns on social media and wellness trends.

“ I don’t have a favorite color! My heart beats for animals.”

Dr. Hamed Tabkhi - CTO

Executive Team

Hamed is a Professor of AI at University of North Carolina (UNC) and a leading global expert in Real-Time AI and Smart Connected Communities.


“ I cannot start a day with swimming an hour”

Gregg Stein- CSO

Executive Team

Founding Partner @Triple G Ventures,
2X Founder, 15-year CEO with exits,
Board Member at Consumer Technology Association