Guacamole Platform

Introducing Guacamole Platform for Security of Commercial Properties

Based on the demand from commercial properties owners, we developed a web-based platform, called GUACAMOLE. Basically, we provide an end-to-end [hardware+software] solution that is capable of real-time human behavior analysis and showing the 2D trajectory map of employees, customers and visitors in real-time. The system consists of Bushis (eyes and ears of the system), and DO (which are small brains). Bushis are sending the footage to DOs for processing, and one of the DOs connect to Guacamole platform and give users invaluable data that can be used for increasing security, safety and boosting revenue in commercial enterprises. In addition, Guacamole has been helpful in reducing costs for our customers.

Here’s a video demo that how the Guacamole platform looks like:

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