AI-based Privacy-centered Property Security

DoBushi is the ancient code used by Samurai warriors, based on unquestionable loyalty and valuing honor above life. DoBushi values are centered around self discipline, respect and ethical behavior.

DoBushi is an intelligent tool for your safety, just like samurais served as their emperors’ safeguards. DoBushi is not only protecting your property, it’s also protecting your privacy

DoBushi‘s architecture is designed with privacy. It’s an intelligent tool that visually inspects your home and surroundings, finds suspicious actions around you, and notifies you when necessary, and only when it’s necessary. Meaning, you won’t be bugged by irrelevant motions like a moving tree.

DoBushi consists of three parts:

1- Bushi, or the visual sensors, equipped with the latest technological features, installed in and outdoors.

Are Bushis the same as security cameras? No! If you can call superman, a man, then you can call a Bushi, a camera!


2- Do, or the central intelligence unit. Bushis send visual and other data to “Do“. Do processes the data internally, without sending it to the cloud. Do detects suspicious behavior based on several factors, such as gating and pose, and notifies you when it’s necessary.

3- The platform, the mobile or web app that connects you with your Do+Bushi. This is how DoBushi and you can communicate with each other.

We are currently working on the DoBushi’s prototype and it will be in the market in Q1 2021. Now lets see what DoBushi is:

The Problems with Regular Cameras:

If you are apropertyowner that has property security cameras, you most likely have noticed that “smart” property solutions aren’t really that smart, and even worse, they can be a pain in the A$ sometimes. You may have faced some of these issues frequently:

  • Property security systems alerts are motion-based and nonspecific: on a windy day, you get false positives from swaying branches. If you leave someone or an animal in the house, the camera activates itself any time they pass by. If you decrease sensitivity, you may miss out on real threats.
  • In case of an alert, you don’t know its nature unless you review the whole recorded footage. Was it a thief or the neighbor’s cat? So you need high WiFi connectivity to be able to review the footage. Imagine you’re on a date, and your camera sends an alarm every minute!
  • If you have various cameras from different companies, you need to use a different app for each one and review their coverage separately.
  • If you’re outside, you need internet connection to review the footage and may lose the golden opportunity of catching the intruder.
  • and many more…

So far we know home security cameras are necessity, although they can be quite frustrating. That’s where intelligent cameras come in.

The Problems with “Smart” Cameras:

Recently, some companies came up with the idea of using artificial intelligence (AI) in their security cameras. In fact, now you can find “smart” or “AI-based” cameras. These cameras send your data to the cloud where it’s processed and a notification is sent when needed. So far, so good. But there are some major issues:

1- You need a very wide bandwidth to be able to send camera feed to the cloud.

2- There’s a latency problem. It takes time for data to travel from your camera to the central unit and from there to the cloud. Once it gets to the cloud, it has to be processed. So you see? All these steps have to be completed. By the time you find out there’s suspicious behavior, the intruder may already be in your house! Too late!

3- There is a risk of security breach in the cloud. Although it’s very uncommon, if hackers get access to your data in the cloud, it could be a disaster. And speaking frankly, it’s more common than you may think. There have been hundreds of such cases in Ring, Nest and other famous security camera companies.

Hacking a security camera system can be done in numerous ways. If you spend some time on Youtube, you can find plenty of videos on how to hack a CCTV camera. There are also hacking tools available online.

4- The most serious problem that we find with these “smart” cameras is the privacy issue. Companies have access to your data in the cloud. Governments have access to your camera feed. Their employees can watch you and your loved ones. It’s not about just a couple of incidents. Big Brother is actively seeking your private data. WE BELIEVE IN YOUR PROPERTY, YOUR PRIVACY AND YOUR DATA. Your data belongs to you and NOBODY else should be able to monitor it without your consent.

The Solution:

We have created Do+Bushi, the REAL “smart” solution: Imagine you have an app, that is seamlessly connected to your “cameras”. When a movement is captured in front of any of them, Do+Bushi reviews it and finds its nature. It can detect if it’s a dog, your dog, your partner, or someone who haven’t logged on to the system, possibly a threat. Depending on your preference, it sends you an alert in TEXT or PHOTO format, specifying the nature of the threat. For example it may inform you that an unknown cat is in your backyard, in front of camera #3. Or that a person is in your house. Do you want to see his photo? You can! Or you can choose to review the footage and call the cops immediately.

The DoBushi app integrates all your Bushi visual sensors, so you don’t need to review each camera separately. Also because you are receiving a text, or even an image, you don’t need to have access to high speed internet. You are not bugged by false threats, we filter that moving tree in the wind for you! Most importantly, you have full control over DoBushi, so your privacy is protected. We don’t process your data in the cloud. Every bit of your data stays with you in your house, protected!

Our Technology:

Real-Time Decision Making on The Edge

Our proprietary technology is based on novel computer vision algorithms which are lightweight, need low computational power and can be run without need of the cloud. These features help us make real-time decisions. In fact, the Do processes incoming feed from Bushi in real time, with only milliseconds of delay and assesses the threat. Minimum bandwidth is required, and you don’t need a server in your location! Most importantly, you are protected from ANY spying behavior by companies and governments.