Smart Security Cameras: Are They Protecting or Spying on You?

The idea of having the protection of surveillance systems on your property doesn’t seem bad at all. Generally speaking, just on the contrary. Security camera surveillance intends to improve both public safety and that of our homes while we are away meanwhile we have to be careful about who and which company is spying on […]

Home Security & Privacy At Once! Hard to Achieve But It’s Possible!

What home security cameras are meant to provide -security and privacy- may seem paradoxical. How can you keep your family and yourself happy and safe in the private spaces of your mansion, if it feels like in-house cameras are spying on you? The worse thing is that, if it’s a cloud security system, they probably […]

Could Your Home Security Cameras Be Snitching on You?

Here’s the issue. For starters, home security cameras could be tipping off thieves when nobody’s home. New research from the Queen Mary University of London and the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows this. Researchers published their findings at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications. Their conclusions suppose that surveillance systems may not be taking care […]

Indoor Home Security Cameras Are The Way To Go

Not long ago installing home security cameras was seen as a drastic and expensive move to make, something only a luxurious house of the future would need. Nowadays, with the accessibility of technology, it’s just the opposite. Not having some form of video cameras installed would be an odd choice. There have been not only […]

Privacy: To be or not to be Paranoid? That is the Question

Why is privacy so important? Do you have anything to hide? Privacy is your right to be left alone. It’s your insurance that you’ll be able to exercise your right to privacy if and whenever you want.   Data Privacy focuses on individual rights.   It concerns:  data collection and processing dealing with privacy preferences the […]

Irene Fenara And The Innocence of the Eye

Who is Irene Fenara? The Italian artist Irene Fenara uses surveillance cameras to create art. Her idea is simple. The act of vision is the central element of her work. Optical devices often used as instruments of control, in her work, bring attention to the notion of a mystery: who observes and who is observed? […]

Data Privacy Is Crucial to Fighting Disinformation! Let’s See Why

Disinformation is one of the most crucial features of the times we live in. Every day, scrolling through the news, we put effort into detecting what’s true and what’s not. We’re surrounded by fake news on a daily basis. Realities permeate and we lost control over this fact a long time ago. “Liquid Modernity” is […]

Smart Cities for Visually Impaired Pedestrians – AI Can Make a Remarkable Difference

Visually impaired people and their daily activity as pedestrians get more attention lately. It’s because researchers have significant ideas on their presence in societies in the future. It is also because the current AI technology can do so much for people with sight issues. Let’s browse basic information on the case.  The visual impairment will […]