IoT and Edge Computing for Computer Vision

By David Camilo, Edited by Nima Schei– Computer vision faces a processing challenge, in order to get results as fast as possible. Usually, the algorithmic processes, such as machine learning and deep learning processing take place at the cloud, where all the data is analyzed, processed, and then the results is sent to the final […]

What Is a Security Breach and What You Should Do About It?

A security breach is a problem of our times. Recently, we talk a lot about the security of the digital sector that, even if it has been existing for decades, never really concerned every one of us on such a scale. It’s only since cameras and computers have entered our houses and became widespread that […]

AI Security Cameras: Everything You Need to Know

Smart home devices, self-taught applications, independent beings that learn by themselves, and provide you with the best quality time, while you simply relax at home or outside of it? Let’s see what we need to know about AI security cameras in modern housing.  What is an AI security camera, and how does it work? It’s […]

What Do Americans Think about Privacy and The Vulnerability of Their Data?

Americans feel concerned, confused, and report a feeling of lack of control over their personal information nowadays. They believe it’s not possible to go through daily life without being tracked…and they don’t like the feeling. Data-driven products and services are often marketed with the potential to save user’s time and money or even lead them […]

How Facial Recognition Cameras Benefit Home Security?

To attain the desired security, today’s institutions need specially trained personnel. However, human beings make mistakes that might affect the level of performance. Face Recognition Security System is one of the solutions that may minimize the error, i.e. detect intruders to restricted or high-security areas. Facial recognition is biometric technology used for authentication and identification […]

Here Are the Data Brokers Who Are Quietly Selling and Buying Your PRIVATE Data?

What does privacy mean to us nowadays? Collecting large amounts of data, even without people’s consent (a great majority of the population – see chart), is a nightmare of our times. Many institutions, both private and government, collect far too much information about private individuals. It’s so easy for them, not only thanks to the […]

How the New Privacy-wise Consumers Are Changing the Playing Field For Brands

A customer’s willingness to buy from and invest in a company is driven by their perceptions of it. The product or service that the company provides is most often secondary considerations. That’s why it’s so important for brands to gain and maintain customer’s sympathy and trust. Now it’s a whole new ball game for brands […]

The More Cameras, the Less Privacy. How to Deal With This State of Affairs?

The more cameras, the less privacy. How to deal with this state of affairs? We know how common they are. Security cameras capture every entrance, move and human interaction. How can the situation be balanced? How can we keep ourselves safe without becoming a subject of outer vigilance and privacy abuse? Cameras in America A […]

Tech Giants Are Quickly Smuggling Our Private Data

Are companies like Amazon and Google really protecting our privacy? When it comes to these tech giants avid for tons of personal data, it is crucial we ask this question and find the correct answers. Our constitutional right to privacy may be at risk.  To start with, there are some major privacy concerns regarding Ring, […]