Privacy-first Intelligent Applications for
Security and Efficiency of Enterprises.

We are Hummingbirds AI, an award-winning artificial intelligence startup, creating the next generation of intelligent applications for security and efficiency of work. Our goal is to make the world more secure through unlocking the world of biometrics for all. We work with businesses in a variety of use cases from information security to customer verification through privacy-first on-device face verification. Our solutions make human interactions more time-efficient and less resource-consuming so you can evolve your business in new ways.

The Hummingbirds

Dr. Hamed Tabkhi

Dr. Nima Schei

Sara Zargaran


As part of our vision to create a nature-centric future through AI, we assume a profound commitment to the current environmental situation. We work every day to inspire others to take
responsible participation in a sustainable and needed change for the future of humanity and

Because we understand life as one big conversation between the real, the digital, nature, humans, and technology as the tool for all to come together in harmony, Hummingbirds AI has decided to take action and endorse the Plant Based Treaty.


We believe humans and the environment can co-exist in harmony. That’s why our technology is designed to make human interactions more time-efficient and less resource-consuming. This desire to live organically propels our commitment to protect life and the environment by allocating 10% of our incomes to saving wildlife and the planet.


We are aware that our innovation capacity comes from a
diverse and inclusive workforce where different backgrounds,
beliefs, ages, sexual identitties, races, nationalities and abilities
come together. That is the key to our success. Their ethnicity,
gender, faith or class is an advantage we welcome and
embrace. Hummingbirds AI is an all-voice culture.


TechCrunch Editors Top Picks (Disrupt 2020)

TechCrunch Editors Top Picks (Disrupt 2020)

Embedded Vision Summit (Vision Tank Winner 2022)

AI, Robotics and Voice Alternate Finalist ( 2022)

40 Words Finalist
(Websummit 2020)

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