Hummingbirds AI Has Been Selected as A TechCrunch Top Pick for Disrupt 2020

Hummingbirds AI, the only Privacy-first Intelligent home security experience in the world, has been selected as a TechCrunch Top Pick for Disrupt 2020. Here is our interview with TechCrunch Editor. 

We are here to revolutionize the home security market by implementing our unique AI background into smart home security systems. At the moment, there is nothing like it out there! We are using embedded computer vision to process camera data locally without the need for the cloud. This is our unique competitive advantage: To have the most accurate computer vision algorithm that is so computationally efficient that it does not require the computational power of the cloud. 

The name of our experience is DoBushi. DoBushi is the ancient code of honor used by samurais to protect the emperor. 

DoBushi doesn’t require wide bandwidth, and most importantly you don’t have to worry about governments and companies getting access to your personal home security data. We’ve become too accustomed to strangers looking in on our lives. This explains why privacy is becoming a reason for consumers to purchase a product, just like how “organic,” “free trade” and “cruelty-free” labels drove sales up in the last years. 

Speaking of these labels, DoBushi is an eco-friendly product as it’s made of plant-based materials. Not only do you and your privacy matter, the environment too!

Although there is so much to look forward to, this prize comes at a key moment to remind us of all the hard work, out-of-the-box thinking, passion, and dedication our whole team has been putting in this past year. We feel deeply honored to be invited to an ultimate Silicon Valley experience where the most audacious and celebrated startup leaders gather to share ideas, insights, and make connections. It will be the ideal moment to share our vision and disruptive technology before an entire global tech audience of 10,000 people, journalists, and investors among them.  

Many successful entrepreneurs such as Zuckerberg, Musk, Benioff were up on the Disrupt stage just before they hit it off! And we are on the same track. There’s no doubt we are about to raise the stakes and rock the future smart home technology’s boat!

About Our Founder: Our founder and CEO, Dr. Nima Schei, is one of the pioneers of emotional AI and the co-creator of a class of algorithms, called BEL (BELBIC). Since its inception in 2003, BEL has become one of the most robust and light-weight algorithms for solving ultracomplex problems with many applications from control engineering to flocking of a network of drones. ( He has extensive startup background in the fields of media and marketing, healthcare and technology.

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